UOCRA trains young unionists on risk management and prevention

The Construction Workers’ Union of the Republic of Argentina (UOCRA) held two consecutive online trainings to eighty (80) young trade unionists on risk management and prevention, and labour inspection in the construction industry on 23 and 30 September respectively.

The course on risk management and prevention discussed the different types of risk classifications in the construction industry, identified the different levels and criteria of risks, and analysed and evaluated various preventive measures at identified worksites. 

Meanwhile, the young trade unionists were familiarised with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Argentina's labour inspection measures. The participants were taught how to prepare and plan labour inspections, evaluate their strategies, and were presented with the different legal tools to ensure labour law enforcement and effective compliance at workplaces. 

UOCRA took pride in developing the said online training workshops, which it said were made possible with the help of its youth team and the BWI Regional Office in Latin America and Caribbean. The union said that the modules were designed to cater to young workers and demonstrated its commitment to youth empowerment. 

The said workshops, which are part of a training series, will conclude in December 2021.