2022 Women's Month: We Build a Gender Equal Future

2022 is a big year for BWI. It will be holding its 5th World Congress to build higher unities amongst its affiliates, friends and allies in the fight for a better future. BWI will also look back to its work through the years and celebrate its victories, chiefly amongst them is the campaign for gender equality. 

With this in mind, BWI will celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) with a week-long campaign starting on 1 March and culminating on 8 March. Carrying the theme “We Build A Gender-Equal Future,” BWI, led by its women trade unionists, will look to the future of work and gender relations amidst the changing nature of work and worsening gender inequalities due to COVID-19. It will also highlight its achievements in pushing for gender equality, particularly on its four key campaigns: value of women in work; ending gender-based violence, women in trades, and stopping macho culture. 

Take action!

At the national level, we call on BWI affiliates to: 

1. Organise meetings and discussions among women trade unionists on the role of women workers in the changing world of work.

2. Encourage trade union members to be creative online and off in expressing their solidarity and support to our IWD campaign this year. 

3. Issue trade union statements to government leaders, policy and opinion makers, and media practitioners to promote gender equality and emphasise the need to build a gender-equal future. 

Show solidarity!

At the international level, we encourage BWI affiliates to: 

1. Update your profile picture with BWI posters starting 1 March.  

2. Mobilise trade union members to take photos of themselves holding IWD posters and post them on different social media platforms with the hashtags #WeBuildAGenderEqualFuture #GenderEqualityRatifyC190 #EqualitySheCanDoTheJob. 

3.Invite trade union members to join BWI’s “Gender Equality Storytelling Caravan” on Instagram. Follow BWI on Instagram: bwiglobalunion. 

Do send a copy of your statements, as well as reports and photos of your actions to BWI. For more information, please contact anna.andreeva(at)bwint.org  

To download the posters, go here.