International Women's Com.

07 March 2016 14:13

The International Women's Committee advises the council and the board on policies, implementation and practical measures to promote the effective participation of women in BWI trade union structures. It also promotes affirmative action programmes and makes recommendations to these bodies on any other policy and actions.

International Women's Committee

Marta PUJADAS, UOCRA - Construction Workers of the Republic of Argentina, (Argentina)Chair

Fozert MUGABE, ZCATWU - Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trades Workers’ Union, (Zimbabwe)1st Vice-Chair

Phyo Sandar SOE, BWFM - Building and Wood Workers Federation of Myanmar, (Myanmar)2nd Vice-Chair

Africa, Middle East and North Africa

Elizabeth AMUTO, UBCCECAWU - Uganda Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Cement & Allied Workers’ Union, (Uganda)Member

Odette BOMANS TALEWA, FNTBB - National Federation of Building and Wood Workers, (Congo, Democratic Republic of the)1st Substitute

Asia /Pacific

Kyung Shin KIM, KFCITU - Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions, (South Korea)Member

Chimed-DOLGOR, MITUF - Mongolian Industry Trade Union's Federation, (Mongolia)1st Substitute


Rita SCHIAVI, Unia, (Switzerland)Member

Josefine KRANTZ, Svenska Målareförbundet - Swedish Painters' Trade Union, (Sweden)1st Substitute

Mercedes LANDOLFI, FILLEA-CGIL - Italian Federation of Wood, Building and Allied Industry Workers, (Italy)2nd Substitute

Latin America & Caribbean

Fabiana SANTOS, FENTICOMMC - National Federation of Workers in the Construction, Wood and Construction Materials Industries, (Dominican Republic)Member

Aline CHAVES FERLE, SINTRACOM Dourados - Trade Union of Workers in the Building Industry of Dourados / State of Mato Grosso do Sul, (Brazil)1st Substitute

Shandra HARRIOTT, BITU - Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, (Jamaica)2nd Substitute

North America

Dora CERVANTES, IAMAW - International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers , (United States)Member

Vacant1st Substitute