ACVBIE visits 15,000 workers to promote OHS as fundamental right

The ACV Construction - Industry & Energy (ACVBIE) marked this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day by taking full advantage of its worksite day last April 21. 

The union listened to workers to better identify their concerns and problems that they face in their work. The prevention of workplace accidents and illnesses was obviously on top of the workers’ agenda.  

More than 1,000 ACV activists and staff members visited nearly 15,000 industry workers in the spread over more than 2,000 sites. The trade union took advantage of the opportunity to give workers good advice on health and safety.

The union supported BWI's call for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to recognise occupational health and safety as a fundamental right of all workers. According to BWI, such a recognition will create a global consensus that will encourage the application of good occupational health and safety standards, and discourage countries and companies from seeking competitive advantage based on substandard conditions and practices.