5th Congress of ELog IT Forbundet: Future is built with “Electricity and IT”

12 March 2019 06:42

The fifth Ordinary Congress of the EL og IT Forbundet – Norwegian Electricians and IT Workers Union, representing workers in the energy, electrical engineering, telecommunications and IT sectorstook – place on 8-11 of March in 2019, in Oslo, Norway.

As the Union turns 20 years this year, the Congress was an opportunity to reflect on the union’s past achievements nationally and globally and highlight opportunities and challenges of digitalization under the theme of “Future is built with ELogIT (electricity and IT).”

Close to 30 per cent of ELogIT members are under 30. Jan Olav Andersen, General Secretary of ELogIT noted this in his opening remarks: “We are proud of this. This is the result of good youth work and I am sure the youth will be part of this national assembly.”

The delegates reinforced the union’s commitment to the struggle for a better organized work life, remembering the victories in signing collective agreements through negotiations and strikes since 2000 and commitment to reducing emissions through renewable energy production. The delegates also discussed policies and actions concerning pension reform and further education and training to be supported by political and financial measures with the demand to give “lifelong learning” a concrete content.

ELogIT’s support of the Norwegian People’s Aid to workers in Honduras and Palestine in their struggle for democracy, human rights and the right to live in peace were highlighted. The delegates also extended their solidarity to the March 15 general strike of the workers in Italy.

Jan Olav Andersen stressed: “External right forces are again moving towards positions of power in Europe and both democracy and professional rights are threatened. The labor movement should and must be a spearhead in the fight against racism and xenophobia, in the struggle for defense of democracy, human rights and solidarity, in the fight against fascism and Nazism. We need an internationalism that strives for justice, which contributes to the development of poor countries, which promotes peaceful coexistence over war and rivalry, and which builds on people-to-country solidarity.”

Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary extended his solidarity and greetings to the delegates of ELogIT. He stated, “ELogIT should be commended for its strong campaigns and organizing efforts of all workers including migrant workers. I would like to also congratulate Jan Olav Andersen in his re-election. His commitment and dedication have contributed to the success of ElogIT and I have complete confidence that the newly elected leadership will continue to ensure workers’ rights in Norway.”