Brazil: Brumadinho Victims' Association received international solidarity

24 May 2019 05:39

Victims commemoration activity of the collapse of the Vale SA dam in Brumadinho, Brazil. Source: Minas Ninja 

April 25: On the three-months anniversary of the biggest labour accident in Brazil's history, the collapse of the Vale SA dam in Brumadinho, which resulted in more than 300 people dead, trade unions and social movements gathered to pay tribute to the victims and their families and demand fair compensation as well as more safety in dams.

During the day, participants held a public hearing, an ecumenical ceremony, a political act and various cultural manifestations. The activity brought together more than 700 people from different political, community and religious organizations. The Brazilian trade union movement was present and unified with representatives from different National Centers. In addition BWI was represented through its affiliates, SITICOP-MG and SINTEPAV-BA.

During the ceremony, Adalberto Galvão, BWI Regional Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, expressed international solidarity by 15 BWI affiliates in 12 countries representing 387,252 workers, to the Workers' Committee of the Legislative Assembly in the State of Minas Gerais and victim families gathered by the Brumadinho Victims' Association. These letters were the result of BWI’s the mobilization calling for support to the victims and their families of the Brumadinho dam.