19 June 2017 00:00

17 January 2022 13:28

The BWI inspects two key BESIX construction sites in Côte d'Ivoire


Together with its Belgian affiliates, the Secretary of the European Works' Council and BESIX, the Building and Wood Worker’s International (BWI) inspected two key construction sites in Côte d'Ivoire: Tower F and the Exhibition Centre. These visits took place on 2 and 3 December 2021 as part of the reference group’s monitoring of the International Framework Agreement.Read more...

14 April 2021 14:45

On 29 March, the Belgian members of the BWI, AVC/CSC-BiE and the FGTB, joined forces to organise a national strike day that affected all sectors. It sent a strong message to employers during negotiations of an inter-professional agreement concerning wage increases, better working conditions and better end-of-career arrangements. Social partners failed to reach an agreement by the established deadline.Read more...