Videos on Gender Equality Produced by BWI affiliates

03 October 2019 16:25

At the recent BWI Global Women’s Leadership Meeting that was held in Skopje, North Macedonia from 2-4 September 2019, participants produced videos with the theme of gender equality.  Participants produced various videos that covered different aspects of gender equality, including gender pay gap, women in construction trades, gender-based violence, and role of women in society.  The production of the videos was part of a contest that was integrated into the program.  At the end of the meeting, participants voted for the best video to articulate the theme and the video from GTUBWW from Egypt won the contest. 

Below are the series of videos that were entered in the competition.

Video from GTUBWW-Egypt:   shows women working in the construction sector and provides an empowering message of “When Women Wants – She Can”.


Video from CCUPEC-Nepal:  shows role of women in the society, highlighting the challenges women face when entering the labour market, including gender pay gap, informal employment, hazardous working conditions, and work and life balance.  It also depicts how women can fight back these challenges.


Video from GBH-Austria:  shows what gender pay gap means in real life when men and women get different wage for the same work.


Video from SUNTRACS-Panama:  show women in construction and in trade unions and how they organize to fight for decent and safe working conditions.


Video from UFES-Malaysia:  shows the work of the broader civil society movement in Malaysia fighting for gender equality and elimination of gender-based violence.


Video from NUBEGW-Zambia:  shows in their own words the challenges women in construction face in the country.


Video from UOLRA-Argentina:  shows trade unions actions fighting for gender equality through a collage of photos.