OHS as a right: Unions highlight contribution to historic victory

On the occasion of the international trade union movement’s historic victory on the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) recognition of occupational health and safety as a fundamental right, the BWI Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (BWI-LAC) issued a special bulletin highlighting the region’s outstanding contribution to the campaign. 

The bulletin reported on the Joint OHS Declarations signed by the BWI-LAC trade unions with different multinational companies (MNCs) and construction chambers and employers' associations in 2022. Complete with photos and other important data, the bulletin also gave ample space to all the unions in the region that participated in BWI’s International Workers’ Memorial Day campaign last 28 April. 

“The recognition of safe and healthy work environments by the 110th session of the ILO International Labor Conference (ILC) is a reminder and proof of the capacity of the united working class,” said Nilton Freitas, BWI Regional Representative for LAC.


“The challenge that now lies ahead is to ensure that this fundamental right is respected in all workplaces. We did it once, and we will certainly, do it again,” Freitas concluded.

To download the bulletin here.