Sectors in Action

Building Construction

The construction sector comprises a wide range of economic activity and it is one of the biggest global employment provider – around 7 per cent of labour force. The BWI struggles for the protection of workers´ rights mainly through enforcement of legislation and regulations and by promoting decent working conditions together with the social dimension of sustainable development in economic growth, environmental conservation and society.

Wood and Forestry

It is estimated that 30% of the world's area is covered by forests and some 13,2 million people are employed in the formal forestry sector. The BWI works for both the protection of wood and forest workers´ rights and we foster the idea that workers can play a key role in maintaining our forests, provided that their rights are respected. We also support the forest certification systems to create economically, environmentally and socially sustainable forests.

Allied Industries

“Allied industries and trade” include various subsectors like mining and quarrying, sawmilling and planing of wood, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, construction of buildings, civil engineering and specialised construction activities, and architectural and engineering activities.

Building Materials

The building materials sector is a fast-growing sector parallel with the building and construction sector. It includes a diverse range of suppliers, from cement manufacturers to glass and ceramic manufacturers, as well as providing a large market for paint and wiring manufacturers, and a host of other related industries. It has a key role to generate the transition to a low-carbon economy by producing alternative building materials to replace the hazardous building materials causing environmental and health concerns.