Union to Union and SIDA visit BWI affiliates in Kenya

Delegates from the Swedish trade unions and SIDA, headed by Union to Union General Secretary Maria Neyberg, paid a two-day visit to BWI affiliates in Kenya to see for themselves the impact of the regional, sub-regional and national projects that they have funded in the country.

In a seminar held on 25 April, the  delegation, which was also comprised of SEKO International Relations Jens Saverstam, Union to Union Program Officer Lennart Rainios, SIDA Desk Officer Yusra Imsheiel and Union to Union Kenya consultant Angela Lomosi, talked to some of the Kenyan trade unions, which are direct beneficiaries of the said projects.


A worksite visit was organised by the Kenya Building, Construction, Timber, Furniture Industries Employees’ Union at a road construction site under the China Jiangxi Transportation Engineering (JXTE), which employs over 742 workers. The project, which is funded by the Africa Development Bank, involves the construction of the Kenol-Sagana-Marua road to a Trans-Africa Highway, TAH4 (Cairo to Cape town), from Nairobi to Moyale.

The worksite visit checked if workers’ rights, international labour standards and occupational health and safety mechanisms are respected at the workplace, and if there are union-management negotiations to improve the workers’ labour conditions. 

To mark the International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, the delegation took the opportunity to educate workers on the importance of recognising workplace health and safety as a fundamental worker right to ensure that jobs don’t kill workers