Egypt : GTUBWW holds general assembly amidst extraordinary challenges

Last 2 March, the BWI-affiliated General Union of Building and Wood Workers in Egypt (GTUBWW) held a successful General Assembly in Cairo which was attended by over 450 delegates representing workers from around the country. 

The event was also attended by Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) President Jibali Al Maraghi, Ministry of Labour Consultant Adel Sobhi, Cooperative Federation President Ahmad Al Zaher, BWI Africa representatives led by Crecentia Mofokeng, and BWI MENA trade union leaders from Jordan, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

GTUBWW President Abdel Monem Elgamal presented the union’s three-year report which highlighted their responses to the extraordinary challenges created by the pandemic. Some of these include health and safety protection for their members and union dues sustainability. Elgamal, however, said that the union is now in a better shape. 

Egypt’s construction industry is said to be growing in different cities. Roads and other infrastructure needed to be built create opportunities for for union organising. Currently, the union has over 450,000 members.