Trade unionists help put out forest fire in Eastern Bosnia

Trade unionists this month helped put out a forest fire in Eastern Bosnia that threatened to engulf villages on the Veliki Stolac mountain. The region is home to the Pancic spruce, one of the oldest tree species in Europe. 

Led by Vlado Pavlović, President of the Trade Union of Forestry, Wood and Paper Processing of the Republika Srpska, the trade unionists joined hands with forest workers from the public enterprise “Šume sprske” in controlling the fire that affected about 15 hectares of forest area.

It was reported that 50 to 100 workers from the forest company, fire brigades and citizens worked together everyday until the forest fire was contained and eventually extinguished. 

“As soon as we learned about the fires in the area, we rushed to the scene to help in any way possible and make sure that all forest workers are safe. We must protect our forests. They are the lungs of our communities and the planet. They also provide us good jobs and a secure future,” Pavlovic said. 

According to various reports, the wind and the high temperature in the area aggravated the situation. Experts point out that the damage is huge. In Gostilj alone, it is estimated that 80 percent of Pančić' spruce trees were damaged by the fire.