BWI Deputy-President Dietmar Schäfers conveys a message of hope to all workers

05 April 2020 18:07


Hello everyone, I am Dietmar Schäfers, Deputy President of BWI Global Union. BWI thanks health workers who are bravely doing their very best to save lives.

I would like to recognize our members on the frontline playing an important role to support essential services.

Buildings are being converted into makeshift hospitals and other necessary facilities are repeatedly being set up.

The BWI thanks you. Together with BWI affiliates we are here to support you to ensure employers’ responsibility and that your health and safety at work is prioritized.

The BWI affiliates, the construction affiliates, the wood and forestry unions around the world, are in the frontline of fighting for health and safety and protection of jobs and wages especially during the time of this pandemic.

We should negotiate with our employers that all workers are protected, wages paid and heath are in place.

We should ensure to negotiate with governments to ensure that workers’ jobs are protected, access to health care and social protection.

It is a time for unity and global solidarity across sectors and to all workers everywhere. It also starts with our personal commitment to practice social distancing, wash your hands, stay away from others if you feel unwell and stay home.

In the end we will defeat the virus!.