Kyrgyzstan: Hands off Trade Unions!

23 April 2019 13:20

Kyrgyzstan: Hands off Trade Unions!

On 12 April 2019, the Kyrgyz governmental working group on amending the trade union laws published its latest draft law on trade union rights. The trade unions in Kyrgyzstan have express their concerns that the proposal will seriously hinder the possibilities for them to organise and bargain collectively. 

Trade union leaders in Kyrgyzstan, including the leaders of BWI affiliates, call on the government to immediately withdraw the draft law and to open a public discussion on the proposed reforms according to the Kyrgyz Law and ensure that these laws are in compliance with the ratified ILO Conventions.  The current proposals clearly violate ILO Conventions 87, 98, and 114, and the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan and the country’s Labour Code. 

For Eldiar Karachalov, Vice-President of Kyrgyzstan Building Workers’ Union, “This draft law prohibits all independent trade unions in the country and requires to dissolve number of sectoral trade unions. All trade unions of Kyrgyzstan will be transformed into controlled and accountable structures of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kyrgyzstan (FPK). The FPK will act as a state authority in the area of labour rights protection.”

Trade unions in the country are ready to fight for their trade union rights. In case the government proceeds with the proposed draft law, the unions will run a public campaign for trade union rights. They will also organise protest actions and call for international support and solidarity.