BWI unveils new strategic plan for the next five years

On the morning of the second day of BWI’s 5th World Congress, BWI Deputy President for Pan-Europe Johan Lindholm and Justina Jonas-Emvula, General Secretary of the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers' Union ( MANWU), unveiled the global union’s New Strategic Plan for the next five years. 

The said plan is anchored on BWI’s five strategic areas of work namely: 1) fighting for climate justice; 2) building trade unions; 3) ensuring safe and healthy workers; 4) globalising workers’ rights and 5) fair future of work. 

The new strategic plan aims to build on BWI’s major victories and gains in the last five years and serve as a fundamental guide for trade union affiliates to navigate the sea of crises that continue to plague the world of work. It also seeks to improve the working and living conditions of affiliates in the building and wood sectors by promoting and defending human and trade union rights, increasing trade union strength, pushing for a stable and high level of employment in our sectors, and influencing policies and strengthening the capacity of institutions and tripartite structures in relevant sectors.

The plan, which is based on the “no one should be left behind” principle, was formally endorsed by BWI’s trade union affiliates in Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Israel, India, Tunisia, North America, Ukraine, Denmark and Sweden. 

Prior to this, BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson, in his report to the plenary, acknowledged the affiliates’ various initiatives in the last Congress period that comprised BWI’s body of work in the promotion of labour rights and welfare. Some of these include the new international framework agreement (IFA) signed with Argos, the first of its kind outside Europe, the 455 joint declarations on occupational health and safety signed by affiliates with different multinational companies covering millions of workers worldwide, the important labour reforms in Qatar, the development of strategic organising in MNCs, especially Chinese companies, the groundbreaking solidarity campaigns in support of democracy movements in many countries, and efforts on climate justice and a just transition to a green future.

Download the strategic plan here.