Global unions set international day of action to recognise Myanmar’s NUG

The Council of Global Unions (CGU) will hold a Global Day of Action on 15 September to support the recognition of the National Unity Government (NUG) as the one and true government of the people of Myanmar. This is in conjunction with the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations to be held on 13-30 September. 

BWI, which is part of the CGU, calls on all of its affiliates worldwide to lobby their respective governments (ministries of foreign affairs and parliamentarians) to recognise the NUG and completely reject the military junta at the UN General Assembly. We must build on our initial victory wherein we successfully blocked the military junta from “representing” Myanmar at the 109th International Labour Conference (ILC) last June. 

We call on our affiliates to: 


1. Hold protest actions calling for the recognition of the NUG and ouster of the military junta, support the Myanmar Labour Alliance and Civil Disobedience Movement and restoration of democracy and freedom in Myanmar.  

2. Conduct industrial actions against MNCs and business enterprises that are still doing business with the military junta.  

3. Organise and/or attend webinars on Myanmar, press conferences and release media statements.  

For more information, please download the following:

CGU model lettter to ministries of foreign affairs  

ASEAN trade unionists and parliamentarians' statement  

ARSDC Resolution on Myanmar