More than 2,000 women workers benefit from union trainings

BWI's women trade union leaders in the Latin America and the Caribbean held its 14th Regional Women Committee (RWC) Meeting on 16 September where they reported on the output of their numerous initiatives and engagements in the region, among other things discussed. 


The women trade unionists said that a total of 2,115 women workers were trained in at least 28 training events and 60 other activities organised under the "16 Days of Trade Union Activism on Violence Against Women” global campaign. 

They also reported that 84 women workers were given certifications of professional skills as heavy machinery operators (FEDESOMEC-Ecuador), construction masters (AMACOA-Dominican Republic) and other construction occupation, such as civil engineering, architecture, surveying and topography (FENTICOMMC-Dominican Republic). 

Meanwhile, Marta Pujadas of UOCRA-Argentina was ratified as Chair of the RWC’s Group of 26, which is comprised of Southern Cone countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. 

The RWC also updated all its vacant positions as it prepares for BWI’s Global Conference on Women in Trades and 5th World Congress, both of which will take place in 2022.

Attendees to the meeting also deliberated the creation of the Regional Investigation Committee, which aims to respond to the needs of BWI’s policy against discrimination and harassment.

“Currently, our committee leaders are in close communication with BWI’s regional committee regarding this new structure,” said Fabiana Santos, BWI RWC President.