Time to hear our youth!

24 April 2020 08:35

The BWI International Youth Committee (IYC) held its first online meeting on 15 April and released a statement on COVID19’s devastating economic effect on young workers. The Committee stresses the need for strong union power to ensure safe spaces for young workers to determine their future amid a global health and economic crisis.

The BWI IYC members also call on governments and employers to take immediate actions in providing economic and social measures for the youth to avoid a drastic increase in youth unemployment and protect young workers’ health and safety from COVID-19. The committee members agreed that young workers are equally vulnerable to COVID-19 and as such, should take part in negotiations to ensure that youth-specific protective actions are raised and they are covered by OHS standards.

Here are IYC’s full demands: 

  • Immediate economic and social measures by governments to avoid a drastic increase in youth unemployment such as employment protection, wage subsidies, access to unemployment schemes, emergency measures such as paid leave, access to insurance schemes for young workers and their families;

  • Full access to personal protective equipment for young workers, as well as mandatory implementation of safety procedures appropriate to prevent the spread of covid-19, including social distancing

  • Full access to free healthcare and treatment for young workers showing symptoms of COVID-19; 

  • Negotiations by trade unions further for short time trainings and needed technical support to equip young workers with necessary skills enabling them to re-roll and to participate in the future of work

It is in the youth’s hands! Time to change the world!

Please find their full statement below.

BWI IYC Statement