Egypt : GTUBWW donates $ 19,000 to protect irregular workers from COVID-19

31 March 2020 07:55

The General Union of Building and Wood Workers in Egypt (GTUBWW) donated a total of US $19,000 to the Egyptian government as contribution in the fight to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country. 

Photo: GTUBWW President Abdel Monem El Gamal

GTUBWW President Abdel Monem El Gamal said that the donation will be used to augment the Ministry of Manpower’s Irregular Employment Care Fund which is tapped to provide support to the country’s growing number of irregular workers. 

El Gamal, who also heads BWI in the African and Middle East region, said that trade unions have the shared responsibility to help distressed workers. He called on business people and investors to do the same and help the government respond to the global health crisis.

“We call on big business owners in Egypt to take into consideration the situation of many workers and secure their jobs, income and other benefits as they try to reduce the burden of this pandemic,” Gamal said.