Solidarity Message from BWI President Per-Olof Sjöö

15 April 2020 14:47


(video script EN)

Dear friends of BWI family,

I would just like to send out a small message in these stressful times.

I would say that the challenge we are facing with the COVID 19 is the biggest challenge that the humanity has faced in modern times. Of course it is first and foremost a public health issue but as we can see now day by day, it also becomes a problem for the workers of the world.

I would just like to reach out to all of you with a solidarity message “we can get through this”. We are strong and I hope that when all this comes to an end we come out with an economic system that is more sustainable based on solidarity and that the real heroes in the world aren’t the CEOs of the stock brokers but the workers.

Right now I would like to express all my gratitude to all the health workers of the world. You do a fantastic job. Thank you very much! .