Turkish cement union opens facility to health workers

14 May 2020 09:47

The Cement, Ceramics, Pottery and Glass Industry Workers' Union (CIMSE-IS) has opened its hotel in Ankara, Turkey to health care workers who cannot go home for fear of infecting their families with COVID-19.

CIMSE-IS said that it was inspired by the initiative taken last month by the Turkish Union of Road, Construction and Building Workers (YOL-IS), which made its hotels, guesthouses and other social facilities in several cities available to COVID-19 frontline workers.

Around the world, it has been reported that many health care workers have changed their routines and are sleeping away from their homes to protect their families and contain the spread of COVID-19.

CIMSE-IS also reported that it has negotiated with employers to ensure that all necessary health and safety protections are put in place at workplaces. These measures include strict physical distancing and regular sanitation of workplaces, dining halls and shuttles, access to disinfection stations and paid leaves for vulnerable workers.