15 May 2020 14:31

Facing an “economic tsunami” that has already decimated millions of jobs worldwide due to COVID-19, BWI launched on Friday the COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative  to help prepare affiliates cushion the ill-effects of the pandemic. 

BWI said that COVID-19 is an “existential threat” to unions and workers whether they are in the industrialised world or the Global South. The global union explained that with many workers deprived of job and income security, or worse, laid off during lockdowns, many cannot sustain their union membership, thus, depriving trade unions their lifeblood—the affiliation fees. 

Many employers and governments have abandoned their workers. Affiliates reported the lack of income and job security, and in some cases, employers are pushing workers to continue working with limited health and safety protection. 

“Despite the overwhelming odds, we have demonstrated our resolve, unity and solidarity. We have profoundly rediscovered our deep sense of community and humanity, and refused to lose hope,” BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson said. 

“However, the fight is far from over. We must prepare for the long haul. BWI is open for business and has shifted its actions. As workers and members of the global trade union movement, we will help and carry each other. We will fight and defeat this crisis together,” Yuson asserted. 

BWI said that affiliates that will find it difficult to survive the COVID-19 economic crisis need support in order for them to continue protecting their members from the pandemic.  A seed fund of CHF 50,000 from BWI’s International Solidarity Fund (ISF) was allotted, which will be augmented by direct cash contributions from affiliates and other solidarity support organisations (SSOs), and the realignment of project funds in partnership with SSOs. 

The solidarity fund will be primarily used to support the affiliates’ organiser-educators, develop capacities to advocate policies and negotiate with companies and strengthen communication and campaigns, support migrant workers, provide medical assistance, humanitarian support and even operational assistance for some affiliates.  

See Solidarity Initiative in EN, FR, ES, DE.

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