BWI Youth leads campaign for decent work

Leading to the World Day for Decent Work on 07 October, young trade unionists from BWI’s affiliates launched a week-long campaign to promote decent work for all and ensure the accountability of corporations and governments in providing workers with just wages sourced from permanent and safe jobs. 

Under the campaign slogan “Fight for Decent Work. Build A Better Future,” BWI has lined up several activities to mark the event, such as a photo contest, an Instagram youth takeover and the release of several video interviews  of workers sharing their thoughts and views on decent work. 

BWI said that it’s crucial to fight for decent work and wages amidst a severe global public health emergency that has deepened social inequalities and increased the precariousness of jobs worldwide. BWI said that millions of workers face the threat of long-term unemployment, deteriorating working conditions, salary reductions, and decreased healthcare and social security benefits.  

This was echoed by BWI Youth, which said that it is unacceptable that young workers are already up to three times more likely to be jobless than adults. It raised concerns that the crisis could hit young workers even harder than the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. 

For more information, please read the action alert