24 September 2020 16:32



A BWI Youth-Led Campaign on World Day for Decent Work

30 September - 07 October 2020

Action Alert

The World Day for Decent Work on 07 October is a day that will be marked by a united call by workers and trade unions across the world to promote and to stand up for decent work, which was first made in 2008.


This year, the event will happen amidst a severe global public health crisis. COVID-19 has accelerated a prolonged economic crisis, deepened inequalities and increased the precariousness of jobs worldwide. Millions of workers are now facing the threat of long-term unemployment, deteriorating working conditions, salary reductions, decreased healthcare and social security benefits and rollback of workers’ rights.


For BWI, now more than ever, trade unions need to fight for decent work to secure just wages sourced from secure and safe jobs and ensure the accountability of corporations and governments in putting the rights and interests of workers at the core of building a better future.


For BWI Youth, it is unacceptable that young workers are three times more likely to be jobless than adults. Precarious work and unsafe is already the norm for many young workers, whom the economy has failed to provide with decent work. Young workers are concerned that the current crisis could hit them even harder than the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. They are worried that the long-term impact of the lack of jobs created could be catastrophic.


In this regard, BWI Youth will lead in marking the World Day for Decent Work on 07 October.

Under the slogan “Fight for Decent Work. Build A Better Future,” BWI’s young trade unionists call on all its affiliates and partners to join, mobilise and take action on the said date.


BWI will start the campaign by posting online several video interviews of workers and their thoughts on decent work from 30 September until 07 October. Please follow us at the BWI’s official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to share our excitement in marking the World Day for Decent Work.

You can download the poster in different languages: EN, FR, ES, DE, PT, SBC, RU, Nepalese and Hindi.


In particular, the BWI Youth calls on its affiliates and partners to do the following:

1.    Take a photo with our attached campaign poster and send it to info(at)bwint.org ideally before 30 September or post it on social media with hashtag #decentworkbetterfuture along with your message for World Day for Decent Work. We will be posting visuals we received from you on our social media accounts.


2.    Join our photo contest


"One photo. One caption. One powerful story."


Please see below the instruction on how to join the contest


1. Send us a photo that you have taken together with a text caption (350 words max) that best describe our 7 October campaign slogan "Decent Work. Better Future."


2. Write your caption in the language you are most comfortable with.


3. Photos and their accompanying captions will be judged based on 1) adherence to the campaign slogan, 2) uniqueness of concept, 3) originality, 4) clarity of story and message, and 5) audience appeal.


4. All winning photos will be used by BWI for its campaign and education materials. Winners will also receive prizes from the BWI National Office.


5. Send your entries to info(at)bwint.org. Please indicate your name, trade union, country and contact details.


6. Deadline of submission is on 10 October 2020.


3.    If your union will conduct an event or mobilise for an action to promote decent work, please inform us accordingly and/or take a group photo or a video on the event/action to info(at)bwint.org