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Support the workers at Suez Cement

Send letters to Suez Cement in Egypt demanding that 1,250 workers be paid their due benefits totaling 1 million US dollars.

The General Trade Union of Building and Woodworkers (GTUBWW) of Egypt has been engaged in a long-term struggle against Suez Cement, a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement to ensure that 1,250 workers receive their benefits from the period of 2010-2014.

The union had undergone several negotiations with the management of Suez Cement; however, when all attempts to come to an amicable resolution failed, the GTUBWW filed a complaint against Suez Cement. In May 2017, the court made an arbitration decision and on 5 November 2018 the Court’s Decision became final based on Article No. 20 of Law No. 230 of 1989: Investment Incentives Law.

Despite this ruling, Suez Cement still refuses to pay its workers their just due benefits. This is an unacceptable and complete disregard for the rights of the workers at Suez Cement.

Make your voice heard by adding your name to the below Action Alert to call for the workers at Suez Cement to be paid their due benefits.

Mr. Jose Maria Magrina

Representative of Suez Cement in Egypt

Suez Cement

I am writing to protest against your company’s refusal to pay your workers their benefits for the period of the years 2010-2014 in accordance with the Court’s Final Decision of 5 November 2017 based on Article no. 20 of law no. 230 of 1989.

According to BWI’s affiliate, General Trade Union of Building and Woodworkers of Egypt, your company has from the beginning failed to negotiate in good faith, forcing the union to go to court so that 1,250 workers can be paid their benefits. Despite the court’s final decision your company has refused to pay your workers.

This is unacceptable and complete disregard for the rights of your workers.

We strongly urge you to immediately pay the workers their due benefits and comply with the Court’s decision.

We will continue to monitor the situation until the case is resolved.

CC: Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of Heidelberg in Germany

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