BWI calls affiliates to join youth research

BWI initiated a youth research to highlight young workers’ increasing presence in union structures and determine key points to enhance youth participation in unions. The research also wants to identify where are the strong and weak areas in organising young workers. 

BWI believes that young workers play crucial roles in today’s trade union movement and in shaping its future. With the support and commitment of its affiliates, BWI has taken one of its priorities to empower young workers and include them in different levels of trade union leadership in order to ensure the future of the global trade unionism. 

The research will be done through an online survey among BWI affiliates until 1 November 2020. The survey form is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian and Turkish. 

A comprehensive report will be released in March 2021 to present the findings of the research. 

Please click here to access the online form.