BWI Youth Voices Against Climate Change: Ryan Kekeris

15 March 2019 00:01


15 March:  Today millions of students and young people will be mobilizing in actions around the world to stop climate changes.  These young people are outraged by the lack of political leadership and will to address the serious threats to our planet.  Youth leaders and activists of BWI affiliates will also join the global events and the movement to stop climate change.  Here are their voices:

Ryan Kekeris (IUPAT-North America), Chair of North America Regional Youth Committee:

"Climate change is the existential crisis of our time - one that my generation and the generations that follow will be forced to reckon with. It is also not the wealthy that will feel the effects of climate change, but the poor and the working class. As the representatives of those classes, it's imperative that the trade union movement all across the globe make a stand by striking this Friday, March 15."