Argentine and Catalonian unions ink cooperation agreement

The Brick Industry Workers’ Union of the Republic of Argentina (UOLRA) and the General Workers’ Union FICA (UGT-FICA) in Catalonia signed a cooperation agreement on 25 October to strengthen their ties and mutual support for one another. 

The agreement seeks to strengthen the organizational relationship between the two unions through joint activities online and offline, and develop a joint roadmap in the industries where they are both active, addressing key political, economic and social issues. 

It also aims to reinforce trade union organisation and representation, promote occupational health and safety (OHS) at work (OHS) and sharing of knowledge and skills in the regional and international levels.

The agreement has a five-year duration. It includes the establishment of a “mixed commission” that will coordinate joint campaigns on child labour, informal work,  unionisation in the popular economy, migrant workers’ rights and empowerment of women and youth workers.

“We are building bridges between European and Latin American workers. This shows the need for workers to be united to fight the unjust system,” UOLRA’ General Secretary Luis Cáceres said. 

This perspective was shared by UGT-FICA Catalonia General Secretary Antonio Rudilla who said that the shared conviction of the two unions to change the world is the “engine” that drives them to seek higher unities between the two organisations. "We are united by the desire to improve worker’s life quality in our sector," he said. 

Both unions are affiliated with BWI. The unions first met in a 2019 BWI International Women Conference held in North Macedonia Since then, the two unions developed their ties. 

BWI lauded UOLRA and UGT-FICA Catalonia for their shining example of trade union unity and comradeship, which the global union said will surely contribute in the strengthening of the global labour movement.