Belgium: CG-FGTB vows to fight for more freedom, equality and democracy

Last March 22–25, 120 trade unionists from 20 countries attended the Centrale Générale-FGTB’s Congress in Blankenberge under the theme "Freedom, Equality and Democracy.” In the event, the union vowed to continue its international solidarity and projects to improve workers’ living and working conditions and promote decent work globally. 

Prior to the event, an international seminar was held which has attracted more than 60 international guests. It tackled the issues of climate change, better working conditions and workers’ right to freedom of association. The CG-FGTB stressed the importance of building a powerful and global trade union movement to realise a more united world. 

The CG-FGTB committed to continue fighting for decent and increased wages and the right to live with dignity even as it expects major challenges in the country’s democracy leading to the national elections. Meanwhile, BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson shared to the Congress the deteriorating situation of workers in Qatar since the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. "The working environment has deteriorated, and the sustainability of past reforms hang in a balance. It is time to acknowledge the rights of workers to form unions and engage in collective bargaining so that those who remained in Qatar can collectively participate in building better futures and demand compensation for abuses,” he said. 

CG-FGBT’s Congress ended with the election of Werner Van Heetvelde and Geoffrey Goblet as President and Secretary General respectively. Concurrently, Brahim Hilami and Gianni de Vlaminck were reappointed as Federal Secretaries.