Brazilian union expresses solidarity with Myanmar workers

Young leaders of the Union of Workers in the Civil Construction Industries of São Paulo (SINTRACON) expressed its solidarity with Myanmar’s trade unionists and workers who are in the midst of a just struggle to restore democracy in their country. 

Coinciding with  a training organised for young trade union leaders, the union passed a “Motion of Friendship and Fellowship” expressing its support and solidarity for the Myanmar trade unionists’ struggle for democracy. They also took note of the bravery and sacrifices of Sandar, a Burmese woman trade union leader who is at the forefront of the Myanmar workers’ struggle to reclaim democracy from the military junta.

The training was coordinated by SINTRACON President Antonio de Sousa Ramalho. Nilton Freitas, BWI Regional Representative, was one of the resource speakers. 

"Only by listening to each worker on the construction sites through these leaders can we understand their needs and push for improvements on labour rights and working conditions," Ramalho explained.