BWI Youth stands with Ukraine

The BWI Youth joins the international community in strongly condemning the violence and military actions committed against Ukraine. Together with BWI, EFBWW and other global unions, young trade unionists call on Russia to immediately end its military aggression and withdraw all its troops from all of Ukraine. 

The extreme hunger for power of the Russian authoritarian regime to achieve the unrealistic goal of restoring the old Russian empire has destroyed millions of lives, killed thousands, forced workers to flee their homes, jobs and incomes, and overall, paved the way for the impoverishment of both the Ukrainian and Russian people. It is also threatening the lives of millions more people in Europe and all over the world with Putin’s statements on the his possible use of nuclear weapons.

We stand by our PROFBUD brothers and sisters as they continue to fight to secure workers’ rights, particularly the rights to social security and receive their timely salaries  amidst a war to provide for their families.

We join the call of PROFBUD to its government to issue a political statement, at the very least, to ensure the release of the Ukrainian workers’ earned salaries in anticipation that they will run out of funds to ensure necessary supplies and basic needs for their families. 

We believe in the strength of trade unions and global solidarity, not only to support the struggle of workers of Ukraine, but also to put pressure on all involved actors that can end the war. The trade unions have shown the world the power of solidarity by taking urgent, necessary and concrete action such as providing war refugees with vast assistance to food, clothing and accommodation. 

Furthermore, we stand by the people of Russia who are bravely taking the streets to oppose their government’s invasion of Ukraine. Together, we demand the immediate end of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the preservation of Ukraine’s independence and its people’s right to determine on their own a democratic future where human and workers’ rights are protected.

We want a future where people are free from any kind of violence!

Peace now!

Lebohang Ramabolu

Internationalen BHI-Jugendausschuss im Namen der jungen Beschäftigten