Call to Action for IWMD 2024: Enough is enough! Let's talk about hazards

The 28th of April marks International Workers' Memorial Day 2024. Despite the success of establishing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) as a fundamental right, the harsh reality persists: we witness a rise in fatalities each year due to work-related accidents and diseases. This year, BWI will put the spotlight on the risks leading to the loss of workers' lives in our sectors daily, under the theme: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH—LET'S TALK HAZARDS. 


Trade unions worldwide will collaborate with employers to conduct joint activities, and/or organise rallies to underscore the critical hazards in our sectors and strategize on preventing future workplace fatalities. These activities will take place from the 22nd to the 28th of April. 


According to the November 2023 report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the latest estimate for work-related accidents and diseases nears 3 million, with 2.6 million deaths attributed to work-related diseases and 330,000 to fatal accidents. This represents a more than 5 percent increase compared to 2015. The trend is clear, alarming and unacceptable! Each of these fatalities could and should have been preventable. 


In memory of those we've lost, we call for a collective effort to ensure that all workers are aware of their rights, and that all employers understand their obligations in identifying, assessing, and controlling hazards in the workplace. 


We pursue this through coordinated collective actions and other initiatives leading up to the International Workers' Memorial Day on the 28th of April. 


What can affiliates, partners, and allies do? 


BWI regional offices will encourage and assist all affiliates in engaging in one or more of the following activities: 


  • Facilitate toolbox safety and health training sessions on hazards at worksites. 
  • Conduct joint activities with employers at workplaces, demonstrating a shared commitment to addressing workplace risks. 
  • Distribute BWI posters and hazard briefings. 
  • Conduct safety and health worksite visits and inspections. 
  • Organise mass rallies and demonstrations in front of companies to protest unsafe working conditions and poor safety records. 
  • Arrange candlelight vigils or other commemorations for those who lost their lives or were injured at work. 

  Please share your plans with your regional coordinator, and we will include them on the dedicated website, where confirmed materials, activities, and events are shared. 


During the Week of Action, document your activities by: 


  • Take photos and videos. 
  • Issue press releases. 
  • Share our activities through social media using the hashtags #IWMD24 and #LetsTalkHazards

Download our campaign materials. 

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