#DecentWork Talks: Two generations of unionists share insights on decent work

BWI’s young trade unionists, marking the World Day for Decent Work on 7 October, sat down with their elder counterparts to share and exchange ideas on decent work and how it is an important part of building a better future. 

Young workers from Mauritius, Sweden, Nepal and Malaysia interviewed senior union officials to bridge the insights and vision of two generations of workers collectively fighting for decent work for all. 

The initiative is part of BWI’s week-long, youth-led campaign to promote decent work. Under the campaign slogan “Fight for Decent Work. Build A Better Future,” BWI has lined up several activities to mark the event, such as a photo contest and a social media youth takeover. 

BWI said that it’s crucial to fight for decent work and wages amidst a severe global public health emergency that has deepened social inequalities and increased the precariousness of jobs worldwide. BWI said that millions of workers face the threat of long-term unemployment, deteriorating working conditions, salary reductions, and decreased healthcare and social security benefits.