Israel: Histadrut launches national campaign against rising cost of living

The Histadrut, or the General Organization of Workers in Israel is preparing to lead a nationwide wave of protests on the issue of the cost of living, and as a first step, a new campaign is launched to unite and rally all of Israel’s citizens in the struggle. Millions of Israelis have been exposed to the campaign so far who came across the teaser advertisement in which only one word appears – the word “Enough!”


The campaign will direct the public to a page with a detailed explanation of the move and the Histadrut economic plan to reduce the cost of living. The explanatory page opens with the following: “More and more families, even families where both spouses work, can no longer meet their monthly needs. We are not dealing with luxuries but with money for food, essential products, household bills, and children’s education.”

“The cost of living is not a matter of right or left; it’s a social struggle that belongs to everyone and will affect everyone, regardless of which note you put in the ballot box,” Histadrut said. 

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