Solidarity for Democracy in Belarus


For more than 20 days people in Belarus have been protesting massive electoral fraud. Peaceful protestors have endured violence and repression and many have been arrested. Workers in Belarus joined the growing democratic movement and went on strike, organising protest actions to demand an end to the violence and new elections in the country. 

BWI and its affiliates have expressed solidarity and support to people in Belarus and brave trade unionists and workers including construction workers that are standing up to their tyrannical government and calling for democracy as well as decent work. Strike committees at many enterprises have added to their demands that system of temporary employment contracts should be abandoned.

BWI calls fellow trade unionists and workers worldwide to express their full support to the Belarus people. To join BWI solidarity support campaign with workers in Belarus you can:

  • • Take a photo with the solidarity support poster and publish it on social media with hashtag #BWIBelarus #BelarusSolidarity 
  • • Send solidarity support video message to workers in Belarus via social media
  • • Support the Labour Start online campaign.   

Download the posters here.

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