Zimbabwe’s young workers dance ahead of International Youth Day

Young trade union members of the General Agriculture and Plantation Workers' Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ) showed their dancing skills as they joined the call for decent, safe and secure jobs on 12 August, International Youth Day. 

Dancing to a modern beat, the young trade unionists gave a glimpse of what its “youth shout out” webinar has to offer on 12 August. Dubbed as “Youth Shout Out for Decent Jobs for All,” BWI’s young trade unionists will sing, dance, offer poems, speeches other popular cultural expressions to voice their demand for decent jobs for all. 

They said that amidst the pandemic, millions of people, majority of whom are young workers, have become unemployed, with more workers in danger of losing their jobs as COVID-19 continues to paralyse the global economy.  Under these circumstances, BWI’s young members see the 2020 International Youth Day as an opportunity to put forward a unified stance to demand for decent, safe and permanent jobs for all. 

To register and participate in the webinar, please click here.