Message of Crecentia Mofokeng on behalf of BWI Africa & Middle East region

16 April 2020 20:04



On behalf of BWI Africa & Middle East region, the regional Presidium, the AFRECO members; the secretariat and all affiliates and its leadership, we extend our sincerest solidarity and support to all leaders defending the safety and health of workers in different countries to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus pandemic.

Our support and solidarity are with the building, construction; wood and forest workers and their families who are impacted negatively by COVID-19. We therefore declare full support and solidarity with trade unions all over the world confronting the emerging COVID-19 challenges.

I also want to thank our frontline workers who are working tirelessly during the lockdowns: doctors, nurses, security Forces, civic workers and cleaners who are providing essential services. We appreciate their work and contributions in helping fight this pandemic. 

It is in times like these that we need to be united as nations and unions to fight a common enemy, which has already claimed countless lives in many countries. I call on all unions, employers and governments to ensure that workers’ voices are heard, rights are protected and job losses are averted.

Finally, I give honour to the BWI Presidium for their leadership and foresight in defending the rights of all workers. Amandla Awethu!