Argentina: UOCRA launches health protocol to prevent COVID-19

16 April 2020 12:11

The Construction Workers Union of the Republic of Argentina (UOCRA), a BWI-affiliated trade union, recently launched a new health protocol (Covid-19 Protocol of Practical Recommendations) designed for Argentina’s construction industry. The protocol was put up with the help of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAC), and includes protection and prevention practices against COVID-19 issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the country’s Ministry of Health.

The protocol aims to ensure the health and safety of construction workers at workplaces. It is reportedly part of the government's initiative to resume private construction projects throughout the country, paralyzed due to the total quarantine.


“In the midst of this crisis trade unions have a fundamental role as we represent the voice of workers. We are taking all possible measures to guarantee the health of workers and their employment, so that the construction sector suffers as little as possible and recovers quickly”, said Víctor Hugo Brandan, Vice President of the BWI Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean and Secretary of International Relations of UOCRA.

Meanwhile, the UOCRA Foundation manufactured 3D-printed facial protection masks which were donated to the Franchínl and Álvarez Hospitals in Buenos Aires. The union described this as an important “solidarity action” to address the lack of individual safety equipment for health workers.