Dominican Republic: Workers’ brigades distribute thousands of COVID-19 food packs

02 April 2020 07:39

The National Federation of Construction, Wood and Building Materials Workers (FENTICOMMC), BWI’s affiliate in the Dominican Republic, has organized “workers’ brigades which distributed 2,300 bags of food and other supplies to construction workers.

The union said the due to the lockdown and workplace stoppages, many irregular construction workers have lost their jobs and no stable income. 

According to Pedro Julio Alcántara, General Secretary of FENTICOMMC, the union will continue with its solidarity work to its fellow construction workers. 

FENTICOMMC, hat Gruppen organisiert, die 2.300 Tüten mit Nahrungsmitteln und anderen Dingen an Beschäftigte der Baubranche verteilt haben.

As of 31 March, the country has 1,109 COVID-19 cases and 51 deaths. The Dominican Republic has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries.