Italy: Unions inform migrant construction workers of gov't benefits vs. COVID-19

01 April 2020 05:45

BWI’s Italian affiliate, FILLEA-CGIL published a letter this week informing migrant construction workers of the benefits they are entitled to during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of these benefits include income and job security. The union said that migrant workers who have decided to leave Italy due to the health crisis are entitled to the same benefits.    

In addition to these measures, FILLEA-CGIL explained that the Italian government has provided special parental leave (good for one individual) in two-parent households with children up to 12 years old or, as an alternative, a “baby-sitter allowance.” Paid leaves will also be made available to working parents with children 12-16 years of age with the understanding that they will return to work for their employers after the crisis. 

The union explained to migrant workers that any layoff ordered after the 23 of February is suspended for 60 days and that compensation will remain the same as stipulated in the National Collective Working Agreement. 

FILLEA-CGIL also cautioned migrant workers not to leave Italy without proper notification to their employers. In case migrant workers decided to continue to work, the union reminded them to comply with the extraordinary health regulations required by the government’s Covid-19 emergency.