Video Message from Johan Lindholm BWI Vice-President for Europe

07 April 2020 10:38


(video script EN) I know that we are all deeply affected by the pandemic, both in our private and in our working life. The measurements that the governments have taken, ranging from social distancing to shutting down non-essential industries are especially challenging for our trade union work, which by its very nature is about bringing people together.

I see that in my own union, were most colleagues have adopted to work remotely. As you can see I have taken this message with my phone at my summerhouse in Sweden. We continue to do everything what is possible to support our members in Sweden and give them the feeling that they are not along in the current crisis.

You have been informed that in BWI Europe all the activities at the regional and sub-regional levels have been suspended.

But the BWI staff is still working by reaching out to the affiliates in the region to gather information about how the companies are dealing with the situation, what the unions are doing to secure an income and safe working conditions for their members. That information is then shared the BWI website, Facebook and twitter.

We can learn from these examples and hold the companies accountable for decent, safe and healthy work.

BWI has sent all multinational companies letters stressing that social dialogue is always at the heart of every solution when facing such an enormous crises.

It is our job to ensure that our members will not become a victim of the economic effects of this crisis and I’m sure that you will all join me, when I’m saying that nobody can solve it alone.

That is why it is vital that we stay connected and BWI Europe is dedicated to do that.

Thank you for sharing this message.