Action Alert: Leave a legacy in Qatar. Build the Migrant Workers’ Centre

Ever since Qatar’s successful bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, BWI-affiliated unions engaged in solidarity the migrant construction workers who were building the World Cup stadia and other infrastructure in the country, campaigning for decent work. 

With less than one year before the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off, progress witnessed by BWI on the World Cup stadia, by partnering with with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) to carry out joint health and safety inspections, is still waiting to take root across the whole country, despite the far-reaching labour reforms made by the State of Qatar.

BWI is engaged in dialogue and activities to support the implementation of labour reforms. However, a new and ground-breaking step is required to protect the fundamental rights of workers: the establishment and recognition of a Migrant Workers Centre.

The establishment of a Centre for workers will help in training and assisting migrant workers to understand and defend their rights, represents their interests, receive information, advice, and guidance related to their employment rights, thereby helping ensure that “rights legacy” is sustained even after the spotlight of the FIFA World Cup moves elsewhere.

BWI and its partners are calling on FIFA to take immediate steps to ensure that migrant workers are treated with dignity and respect long after the last World Cup game has been played in Qatar.

Join us!

Join us and be the voice of migrant workers urging FIFA to guarantee a lasting and tangible legacy from the tournament by working towards the establishment of a Migrant Workers’ Centre that gives migrant workers protection, education, and voice.


Join us as we campaign to advance the rights, and improve the terms and conditions, representation and voice of migrant workers as a World Cup legacy!

Take action and show solidarity!


  • Share the campaign with football fans and human rights supporters
  • Ask FIFA to Leave a legacy in Qatar. Build the #MigrantWorkersCentre 
  • Take a selfie or a group photo with our poster/s to show solidarity to migrant workers. Post them on your social media platforms.
  • Use the social media frames for your profile pictures to show solidarity with migrant workers.
  • Use the campaign hashtags #MigrantWorkersCentre and #WorldCupLegacy 
  • Print our posters and postcards and share them at workplaces and other areas frequented by trade unionists, workers, football fans, human rights supporters.
  • Hang our campaign banners calling for “Equal Rights for Everybody Everywhere. Leave a legacy in Qatar. Build the #MigrantWorkersCentre."
  • Download our campaign posters   banners  and postcards