BWI Youth Voices Against Climate Change: Jorge Hernandez Silva

15 March 2019 15:59


15 March: Today millions of students and young people will be mobilizing in actions around the world to stop climate changes.  These young people are outraged by the lack of political leadership and will to address the serious threats to our planet.  Youth leaders and activists of BWI affiliates will also join the global events and the movement to stop climate change.  Here are their voices:

Jorge Hernandez Silva (FETRACOMA, Chile), Chair of Latin America and Caribbean Youth Committee:

For young people of BWI, it is important to join this strike because it is urgent to care about the environment. The strike is a legitimate tool to fight for collective rights and an opportunity to fight back planet damage, since it affects all humanity.  Climate change is one of the most important global issues nowadays. Not paying attention to it, is put at risk not only the ecosystem as a whole, but also to humanity itself, and all future generations. Governments worldwide must assumed it as such. Trade unions are workers’ tools to fight for their rights and those of their families, since unions are always advocating for social justice. Ecological imbalance generated by high levels of pollution resulting from the use of non-renewable fuels and energy is an issue that workers and unions cannot be indifferent to. It is our responsibility, as workers and community representatives, to pressure our governments and companies to generate a sustainable industry to work in. Our industry must consider people and the environment as a center, not as collateral damage.”