A month before World Congress, BWI launches special website

One month before its 5th World Congress, the Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI) launched a special website dedicated to the global union’s much anticipated international event this year.

The website appropriately responds to the physical and online challenges of the pandemic to provide better access to information and BWI’s web-based domain and social media platforms. It showcases the Congress’ scheduled events where affiliates can register and participate online, download documents and/or or read them online with a flip-reading feature, and view exhibitions and Congress-related news. It also has a photo gallery comprised of thematic folders and a “social photo wall” where delegates can personally contribute photos of the Madrid events. 

An online voter portal is also a key feature of the website wherein authorized Congress voting delegates are welcomed to BWI’s innovative congress voting system. The voting platform is private and accessible only to registered voters. 

The website is available in the English, German, French, and Spanish languages. And to remind trade union affiliates of the World Congress and build anticipation for the global event, the website has an online countdown timer. 

On 4-7 October, BWI will hold its World Congress in Madrid, Spain. Representing 360 trade unions in 127 countries, the Congress is an opportunity for BWI affiliates to identify and plan its four-year goals, priorities and actions. It is also where it will elect its Presidium, which includes the President and the Deputy Presidents, the General Secretary, the World Council, the World Board, and the Auditors. 

Visit the website here.