Workers building Paris’ Olympic Village go on strike

As part of the national mobilisation called and organised by the CGT in France on 29 September, workers employed to build the Olympic Village in Paris went on strike to demand Effiage, the company that bagged the much sought-after infrastructure project, better wages and a share in the overall profits. 

The workers, who are members of the BWI-affiliated FNSCBA-CGT, said that the company’s 3 percent wage increase this year is not commensurate to the country’s 6 percent inflation rate. They said that the increase is only EUR 200-300 per worker, representing only a meager EUR 11 million compared to Eiffage’s 2021 historic net profit of EUR 777 million.  For the first half of 2022, the workers said that the company already raked a 36 percent profit increase. 

Aside from the wages, the striking workers demanded that their harsh working conditions be taken into account by Eiffage, especially during the summer and winter seasons when the health and safety of workers are at the most vulnerable.  


A nationwide strike called by CGT over pay and pensions rocked France this week. Refineries, nuclear plants, schools and several public transport have reportedly suffered serious disruptions.