Qatar: Women migrant workers complete second round of skills training

The Women Community Leaders’ Forum in Qatar (WCLF-Q) celebrated the successful conclusion of its groundbreaking Basic Dressmaking Course. The graduation ceremony marked the achievement of the second cohort, comprising nearly 30 women from diverse backgrounds around the world. This initiative, held under the Reintegration Program of WCLF-Q, not only equipped migrant workers with essential livelihood skills but also offered them an opportunity to establish sustainable psychological and social stability upon their return from overseas employment.

The graduation ceremony, held at the Crown Plaza and Business Park Hotel on 1 December, 2023, saw 14 women expatriate graduates from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Tanzania. Despite cultural differences, the graduates fostered unity and women’s empowerment while developing their skills. The event's highlight was the "RUNWAY WALK," where graduates showcased the dresses they had designed during the course.

Mary Gitau Otuka from Kenya, one of the awardees, expressed, “The training course inspired us to continue the leadership we have now to the next generations.” Khloud Saif Al Kubaisi, Executive Director of the Workers’ Insurance and Support Fund of Qatar’s Ministry of Labour, attended the ceremony and praised women migrants as symbols of challenge and success.

Marco Polo Cruz Ferrer, representing the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) in Qatar, emphasised the global union’s commitment to uphold the welfare and rights of migrant women workers. He advocated for the inclusion of women leaders in discussions on labour reforms and initiatives. Malou Valientes of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) also conveyed a message of solidarity with the graduates.

In closing, Noimot Olayiwola, a Nigerian women’s community leader, lauded each participant for their hard work, respect, and commitment. She encouraged embracing new opportunities and remaining open to endless possibilities for empowerment.