Young trade unionists look ahead to BWI’s 5th Congress

BWI’s European Youth Committee (EYC) held its statutory meeting last 18 October to set its plans and other activities next year leading to BWI’s 5th World Congress in Madrid, Spain.

 EYC Chair Jakob Wagner led the discussions by identifying the remaining objectives and activities for the last quarter of 2021 and next year’s main course of action. 

The committee approved the following:

  • Support the European Women Committee’s actions on 8 March 2022. The Committee proposes a joint meeting with women leaders to discuss possible concerted actions. 
  • A campaign proposal to combine the youth’s actions and activities for the 28 April International Workers Memorial Day and 1 May Labour Day, and release an information material (pamphlet) to educate young workers on their occupational health and safety rights.
  • Virtual planning meetings on the first half of 2022 and a June 2022 face-to-face youth committee meeting in Sweden.

Aside from these, the committee members shared the latest updates on their respective countries. They identified COVID-19 as a continuing priority concern, together with the high level of unemployment and increased cost of living among young people.