BWI Workers’ Voices Webinar 9: Workers' Agenda and Actions for Pandemic Recovery

The pandemic revealed further the inequality and rights deficits around the world. As the world starts to plan and implement recovery programs, it cannot be business as usual. Building back better for a fair and sustainable future is the call of the workers’ movement. 

In this webinar, we hope to answer the following questions: 

- What are the labour challenges that we face in shaping pandemic recovery? 

- What does it mean for BWI industries — in terms of jobs, rights and the climate crisis? 

- What are the BWI affiliates’ agenda and actions at the national level? 

- What can be the role of BWI in marshalling a global strategy in pandemic recovery? 

Join us and hear our key affiliates from all the Regions share their experiences and plans as well as to hear from you what should constitute our collective agenda in shaping the diverse realities and challenges of this COVID world.

Register here.