Women need equal, safe and inclusive workplaces during pandemic

25 April 2020 12:31

Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is deepening existing inequalities, particularly among working women, the BWI European Regional Women’s Committee (ERWC) held an online meeting and released a statement calling on governments, employers and all stakeholders to overcome the crisis, with the goal to build more equal, safe and inclusive workplaces and societies.

The Committee stressed that gender equality is not a matter of action after the crisis. It said that responding to the crisis should lead to a more equal and safer world of work, where women rights and representation are included in all the aspects of political, economic and social systems.

In response to the crisis for women during the COVID-19 crisis, the ERWC is calling for: 

  • Develop solidarity support programs and actions for women in distress due to COVID-19. 
  • Put pressure on MNCs to take responsibility and provide necessary support for women workers who do not have access to social security systems, including women workers in the MNCs supply chain.
  • Include women representation in all COVID-19 response planning and negotiations at the workplace, industry, national and international levels.
  • Intensify BWI’s campaign for the ratification of ILO Convention 190, with specific emphasis on the impact of the domestic violence.
  • Continue BWI’s “Value Women’s Work” campaign with specific focus on the gender pay gap, unpaid work done by women and access of women to the social protection system.
  • Pressure governments, employers and all the stakeholders to keep issues of gender equality on the top of the agenda.

Find the full statement here.